Irish Premiere

Two boys leave their village to buy medicine for their ill grandmother. They don’t tell anybody, they arrive to the city, but the money they have isn’t enough to buy the medicine, so they have to work in order to earn enough money. Their families are worried about them, and come to believe that they are dead and prepare a funeral ceremony for them.
Finally after 5 days, they buy the medicine. When they get back to the village they discover that they are dead. They are afraid to go back to the village, so they decide to stay in an old abandoned car that is far from village and wait until…

Director: Omid Niaz
85 mins / Iran // 2015
Cast: Bahador Mohammadi, Reza Asadi,
Kiana Shahnamnia, Asghar Hemmat

Date: Friday, March 11th
Time: 6.30pm
Location: Oolong House, Dublin 2.
Price: €5

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