At the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival, 2017 film festivals and film institution representatives from the 14 “The Belt and Road” countries came on the stage and left their signatures on a scroll which fully embodied the Chinese characteristics, marking the formal launching of the MOU on “The Belt and Road” Film Culture Exchange. The multi-national production alliance is set to expand the influence of film in China’s “Belt and Road” initiative,

The signatory countries are China, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Netherlands and the Philippines.

Launched three years ago, the “Belt & Road” initiative presents not only new opportunities for economic and social development in the countries across Asia, Africa & Europe but also in depth cultural exchange.

Zhang Hongsen, deputy director of China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television said the cooperation opens new doors for filmmakers.

Films can support Silk Road traditions and spirit through co-production projects, film exhibitions and industry exchanges, he said.

The Chinese film industry’s soaring development in the international market has attracted numerous filmmakers seeking new partnerships, he added.

China encourages global filmmakers to integrate cultural resources through co-production projects while pushing forward the diversity and development of the international film industry.”  By Liza Li (Shanghai Daily)


The Memorandum of Understanding states:

Film, as an essential medium of cultural exchange among people of all countries, has long been a major channel of different civilizations to reach a mutual understanding.  The inheritance, development and promotion of film culture require efforts from each relevant cultural organization and film institution around the world.  Beyond all that, these organizations and institutions should strengthen exchanges and cooperation to reach a better development prospect and more practically, enrich the choices of film watching for the international audience.  Thus, under the context of the Belt and Road Initiative, we gathered at Shanghai International Film Festival, agreed to establish a film cultural exchange and cooperation, which includes the following:


  1. Intensify the cultural spread and exchanges on the platform of film festivals.

  2. Enhance the communication and understanding of each country’s customs and cultural traditions on the platform of film festivals.
  3. Strengthen exchanges and mutual learning among the cinéaste from our countries on the platform of film festivals.
  4. Advance the holding of film panorama in respective institutions and organizations from our countries.
  5. Strengthen communications and foster a collaborative relationship in film production, distribution and exhibition from our countries on the platform of film festivals.
  6. Enhance the cross-country communication of film education and film criticism on the platform of film festivals.