Chaos, Disorder (Harag W´Marag)

Irish Premiere

Manal, Zaki, and Mounir are in their twenties. They live in a chaos-filled community next to a garbage dump where their basic needs are barely met. Beneath the disorder in their society is a layer of troubled relationships, decaying love and a feverish competition between Zaki and Mounir to woo Manal. A competition that can only be resolved by football. Respecting boundaries, the film carries a current of privacy through its unique portrayal of an isolated and closed society.

Director: Nadine Khan

76 min / Egypt // 2012

Cast: Ayten Amer, Mohamed Farrag,

Ossama Mohamed Attia, Ramsi Lehner

Date: Saturday, March 21st

Time: 2:30 PM

Location: FilmBase, Curved St., Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Price: 7€

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