Irish Premiere

Father Greg, a diocesan priest, is reassigned to a parish up in the mountains. His relationship with a young woman named Carla, has produced a child. He meets the parish priest, Father Alejo, an old friend who is addicted to drinking. During a healing Mass, Father Greg is introduced to the town’s powerful couple, Julian and Millett who strike a friendship with the new priest. One night, Father Greg discovers the lifeless body of Julian in the church premises. He embarks on a mission to help solve the crime, a mission which leads him to the discovery of his own personal salvation.

Director: Mel Chionglo
103 mins / Philippines // 2015
Cast: Allen Dizon, Eddie Garcia,
Ricky Davao, Aiko Melendez, Diana Zubiri,
Elora Espano

Date: Friday, March 11th
Time: 18.30pm
Location: Secret Venue
Price: €10

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