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March 11 @ 9:00 am

A selection of international student films screened at Thomas Davis Theatre – Trinity College Dublin


Are We Them Yet?

Birth, Brotherhood and Bumpin’ Uglies in the Backseat.

Director: Keith Kavanagh

The National Film School Ireland

4 mins / Ireland / Animation  // 2016


Director:  Catherine O’Brien

The National Film School Ireland

5 mins / Ireland / Animation  // 2016

Beasts Like Us

12 year old daydreamer, Seán, desperate to fill the void left by his deceased father, meets a charismatic drifter and invites him home. Will this be the end of his quest or the beginning of his destruction?

Director:  Andreas Birkenheier

National Film School Ireland

16 mins / Ireland / Fiction // 2016

Birds and Bees

The project’s main theme is how the sexual education was given to and experienced by different people.

Director:  Viktoria Katona

National Film School Ireland

3 mins / Ireland / Animation  // 2016

Being Coo

Being Coo follows an insecure grey pigeon as he attempts to join the cool dove gang.

Director: Kimi Kurbanova

National Film School Ireland

3 mins / Ireland / Animation  // 2016

Bring me South

A young Frisian filmmaker dreams of traveling south with her father. Eternal inner restlessness is the motivation for their journey. Freedom means you can sail anywhere you like without looking back. As the landscapes pass them by, the filmmaker meets local people who have found firm ground on the riverbanks. Through them she discovers that she may be on her way with the person who gives her the most grip on life.

Director:  Froukje van Wengerden

Netherlands Film Academy

30 mins / Documentary / Netherlands // 2016

Bug Killer

JooYeon Na and his boss are called to action for a job as bug exterminators. Their mission is to annihilate a pesky roach within an office complex. While JooYeon’s boss lazes outside, JooYeon attempts and fails repeatedly to exterminate the resilient critter. With all his mounted aggression he turns to a new heavy duty bug bomb, and detonates.

Director:  Unggyu Choi

The School of Visual Arts

5 mins / Animation / USA // 2016


CONN tells the story of a high king’s turbulent reign in ancient Ireland.

Director: Fionn Boland

The National Film School Ireland

3 mins / Ireland / Animation  // 2016


Two men journey through a desolate landscape. One a stowaway desperate to be reunited with his family, the other a solitary truck driver who has long since detached himself from the ones he loves.

Director: Dani Wall

National Film School Ireland

11 mins / Ireland / Fiction // 2016

Death In A Day

Evan, a young Chinese boy who, after visiting his comatose father, witnesses his mother’s struggle and must come to grips with the impending death falling upon their family.s.

Director:  Lin Wang

Chapman University

14 mins / Live Action / USA/China // 2016

Cast: Evan Liu, Wei Ren, Allen Theosky Rowe, Jun Nian Cheng


Desmond strives for normality in his new life as a free man. Though released from prison Desmond is still in turmoil from the past events that lead him there. As he carves out the path for his new life Desmond struggles between the man he wants to become and the man he was.

Director:  David Howard

National Film School Ireland

16 mins / Live Action / Ireland // 2016

Cast: Barry Roe, Luke Corcoran, Barbara Ceannt


Fly on the wall look at a family with a severely disabled child and the relationship they all have with one another

Director:  Damien Madden

National Film School Ireland

8 mins / Documentary / Ireland // 2016


Gabriel, a shy boy, decides to resort to the services of Eva, a transgender prostitute. He isn’t able to make love with her. Then, their meeting takes an unexpected turn, and becomes an unusual first time.

Director:  Florent Médina

French National Film School

9 mins / Live Action / France // 2016

Cast: Emanuele Arioli, Eddy Wonka

Full Measures

A pianist struggles to overcome writer’s block before his deadline. When monsters and fairies interfere, will he complete his goal in time?

Director:  Xuejing Xu

Rochester Institute of Technology

2 mins / Animation / USA // 2016

Gardeners of the Forest

For generations, Laos was known as the Land of a Million Elephants. Today, there are around 600 elephants left in Laos. If the Laotian elephants become extinct, not only does it mean a loss of one of the largest mammals on earth but also the loss for Laotian history and culture. This documentary will explore how the Chinese market, deforestation, and tourism all play a role in the imminent extinction of elephants in Laos.

Director: Ceylan Carhoglu

Chapman University

14 mins / Documentary / Laos // 2016

Inside A Bundle

An elderly woman hopefully searches for her long lost daughter to assure her of her mother’s love and desire to care for her. Disoriented, a kind police officer assists her on her quest.

Director:  Minjae Kang

California Institute of the Arts

15 mins / Live Action / South Korea // 2016

Cast: Seung-Tae Park, Ji-Sook Kwak, Kyu-Sung Lee, Sang-Hoon Song, Hye-Young Jung, Heung Jong Joo

Joining the Dots

Birth, Brotherhood and Bumpin’ Uglies in the Backseat.

Director: Fiona Ryan

The National Film School Ireland

4 mins / Ireland / Animation  // 2016


In a family of two, a son cares for his sick and elderly mother. When his mother’s condition deteriorates, he is forced to make a decision on his mother’s wish.

Director:  Stanley Xu

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

12 mins / Live Action / Singapore // 2016

Night Shift

Two different thieves, one mini-market, bad timing.

Director:  Hisham Sharafeddine


7 mins / Fiction / Lebanon // 2016


When militant forces take over Syria implementing strict Sharia Law, many men and women are sentenced to the harshest punishments possible. Maha, a woman living in Al-Sahel is accused of adultery, captured and imprisoned. When her brother unsuccessfully tries to rescue her, her father has no choice but to leave her fate in God’s hands.

Director:  Amanda Renee Knox

Chapman University

13 mins / Live Action / USA // 2016


A silent love that remains in a house’s old corners will never fade.

Director:  Doris Saba


17 mins / Fiction / Lebanon // 2016

Secteur 1

The story of a barber caught between his instinct to kill and his new found infatuation with his next door neighbour.

Director:  Vanessa Mghames


14 mins / Fiction / Lebanon // 2016


T-Sharp, a band of teenagers willing to perform on a moving truck, but how easy was it?

Director:  Rami Lattouf


14 mins / Fiction / Lebanon // 2016

The Cyclops

Luka comes home to apologise, but can his little brother Lip forgive him?

Director: Hugh Mulhern

National Film School Ireland

15 mins / Ireland / Fiction // 2016

The Moment

The Moment is a story about an artist who learns about the importance of the things unseen as she gets to draw a stranger’s portrait.

Director: Karis Seungyoun Oh

The School of Visual Arts

2 mins / USA / Animation  // 2016

The Phoneix

Exiled Iranian actor Mr Farid teaches theatre to reluctant teenagers inside an Australian Immigration Detention Centre. When the fate of the kids is unknown, he attempts to restore their lives but makes an unexpected discovery of his own.

Director:  Nora Niasari

Victorian College of the Arts (VCA)

22 mins / Documentary / Australia // 2015


Unmasked is an animated short film encompassing an emotional story that revolves a young boy who embarks on a journey after the sudden loss of his father.

Director: Alice Gavish & Christina Faraj

The School of Visual Arts

4 mins / USA / Animation  // 2016

Wearing the Fog

‘Wearing the Fog’ is a double-screen video with a non-linear narrative structure. it circles around the cold of the industrial world and the indifference of a family. The video consists of multiple narratives that are told in a non-linear fashion. The different stories show what I fear and what I hate to see.

Director: Yafei Qi

China Central Academy of Fine Arts

13 mins / Experimental / China // 2016


March 11
9:00 am
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Silk Road Film Festival


Thomas Davis Theatre
Trinity College
Dublin, 00000 Ireland
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