In a small clinic in the rain-drenched city of Kaili, two preoccupied doctors live ghost-like lives. One of them, Chen, decides to fulfill his late mother’s wish and sets off on a train journey to look for his brother’s abandoned child. His partner in the clinic, a lonely old lady, asks Chen to find her old lover, and give him an old photograph, a shirt and a music cassette. On the way, Chen passes a mysterious town where past, present and future appears to slip away.

Director: Bi Gan
113 mins / People’s Republic of China // 2015
Cast: Yongzhong Chen, Linyan Liu, Feiyang Luo, Lixun Xie, Zhuohua Yang, Shixue Yu

Date: Thursday, 9th March
Time: 5pm
Location: Filmbase, Curved Street, Dublin 2
Price: €7

(Prices shown are excluding VAT.)

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