Irish Premiere


Overruled is a medium-length documentary that recounts the lives and hopes of young Afghan refugees in Iran. They happen to work as ball boys in tennis clubs in Tehran. They learn tennis and make progress in it to find a suitable identity in Iranian society. No matter how good they become in tennis they are not accepted into the new society and remain outsiders, in the eyes of Iranians. They are a group of unauthorized tennis players who wish to compete at the same level as their resident competitors. Their lives are stuck in a circle of not being able to obtain permanent residency while living under the threat of detention and deportation. Should they take the high-risk road of fleeing to an unknown fate in the West?


Director: Farnaz Jurabchian & Mohammadreza Jurabchian

52 mins / Documentary / Iran // 2016

Date: Sunday, 12th March

Time: 15:30

Location: The New Theatre, 43 Essex St E, Dublin

Price: 7€

Tickets sold at the door or follow the link below.

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