Irish Premiere

Pope is a tale in three parts about a family in the southern port city of Booshehr. In episode one, Toomaj, the son of the family, plans to join his love interest, Shirin, in London, only to find that she is with another man. Episode two centres on Toomaj’s solitary sister, who turns down the proposals of a young man. Her father, Faraj, attempts to solve her problems. Faraj’s tenant, Hasti, is at the centre of episode three. Her fiancé Ali is in prison, having protested about the standard of food in a university. Ali needs to join his team for a tournament in Mexico, and so Hasti makes it her mission to secure his release.

Director: Ehsan Abdipur 

105 mins/ Iran // 2014

Cast: Toomaj Purmorad, Gholamreza Farajzadeh,

Hadis Chehrepardaz, Marziye Bardak Nia

Date: Saturday, March 21st

Time: 4:30 PM

Location: FilmBase, Curved St., Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Price: 7€

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