Remake, Remix, Rip-Off

Irish Premiere

Turkey in the 1960s and 1970s was one of the biggest producers of film in the world. TV only slowly became a commodity in Turkish living rooms since the mid 70s, so cinema together with radio was the only mass media everyone could afford. Big open air cinemas all over the country showed several movies in a row and going to the cinema with the family had always something of a picnic.

The Turkish film industry “Yeşilçam” on the other hand, was both financially and structurally weak. There were no film schools, no laboratories for film negative development, the equipment was old and beaten up, the films were exposed to a harsh censorship board and working conditions were adventurous and often deadly.

Last but not least Turkish movies – in comparison to their European and American counterparts – were lacking the high gloss and polished imagery, something Yeşilçam just couldn`t produce.

With only a handful of screenwriters and directors, that had to cater to an always hungry domestic market, Yeşilçam strictly following the laws of profit tried to satisfy the demand by repeating the same pattern over and over.

The story of the poor boy and the wealthy girl, of the brothers, separated at birth or the farmers boy coming to the big city where a staple in Yeşilçam. Soon screenwriters had told the same story in a hundred ways and were hitting a dead end. But they had something up their sleeves…

With the help of basically non-existing copyright law, Yeşilçam filmmakers started producing remakes of European, American and Indian movies. But they not simply remade the movies scene by scene, they were using the movies’ soundtracks or even special effects scenes, if recreating them wasn`t an option in lack of budget. In doing that, those filmmakers became the forefathers of todays patchworking and sampling…

Director : Cema Kaya

96 mins / Germany & Turkey // 2014

Date: Thursday 19th March

Time: 6PM

Location: 4 Dame Lane, Dublin 2.

Price: 7€

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