Samir is an amateur filmmaker. Along with his despotic father and older sister Roza he resides in “Shanghai” – a slum located in close proximity to downtown Baku, the capital of the oil rich Republic of Azerbaijan.

By sheer accident, Samir captures a video of Roza getting intimate with her boyfriend Rasim, an Azerbaijani gastarbeiter from Moscow. Samir blackmails Roza and Rasim with the video, well aware of the serious of implications caused by social stigma and reactionary mindset of his father. Rasim tries to bribe Samir, however the issue happens to be much deeper than it appears.

Director:  Teymur Hajiyev
20 mins / Azerbaijan // 2015
Cast: Roza Ibadova, Rasim Jafarov, Mir-Movsum Mirzazade
Price: €8

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This film is part of a selection of films running from 12-2.30pm

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