Sofichka returns to her native Abkhaz village in Georgia after twenty years of absence. Seeing again home and meeting with villagers take her to memory lane and all Sofichka’s life passes before her eyes: her wedding with Rufus, betrayal of the neighbour Nuri, difficult years of war, exile in Siberia. But in spite of everything, in spite of all the tough experiences, Sofichka continues to believe in people and in life, staying true to the memory of her husband who died young.


Director: Kira Kovalenko
78 / Russia // 2016
Cast: Lana Basaria, Tsiala Inapshba, Sergey Tomashevsky, Said Kamkia, Raul Kove

Date: Sunday, 12th March
Time: 17:00
Location: The Sugar Club, 8 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2
Price: €7.50
€8.50 at the door
Students: €5
(must bring student ID)

(Prices shown are excluding VAT.)

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