Hussein, a young Palestinian, receives a letter from the Israeli post office to appear in person to receive a package. When he arrives, he is asked to pay $20,000 in order to collect this mysterious package. Driven by his curiosity, and against the wishes of mother, he sells everything he owns in order to see what is inside. His discovery will change their lives forever. Adapted from the novel Blue Light, by Hussein Barghouty

Director:  Ramzi Maqdisi
25mins / Palestine // 2015
Cast: Ramzi Maqdisi, Kamek Basha, Reem Talahmi, Dauod Totah, Amer Kalil

Date: Sunday, 13th March
Time: 12:00 – 2:30Pm
Location: The New Theatre, Temple Bar, Dublin
Price: €8

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This film is part of a selection of films running from 12-2.30pm

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