Irish Premiere

Brillante Mendoza, Pen-Ek Ratanaruang, Eric Khoo and Garin Nugroho are the representative directors that lead the new wave cinema in Southeast Asia. Each of them was recognized by the global film circuit for different styles and interests, but they have the common ground that their source of creation comes from the communication with the social experience of each country; the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. In talking with the four directors, Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso’s Southeast Asian Cinema – When the Rooster Crows reveals the various contexts that brought about the rise of Southeast Asian cinema, including the crash of traditional values and modern change, creative drive of art cinema, and unusual coexistence of commercial movies and guerilla-like independent films. It is an intriguing documentary that is not only an introduction of local cinema, but a chronicle with a three-dimensional approach to the filmmaking tradition and innovation, nation and culture, arts and society.

Director: Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso
88 mins / Documentary / Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia & Philippines // 2014

Date: Saturday, March 12th
Time: 15:00
Location:  The New Theatre, Temple Bar, Dublin
Price: €8

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