State of Play
Irish Premiere

A feature documentary about the world of South-Korean professional gamers.
Every year thousands of South-Koreans flock to the game stadiums in Seoul to watch the Pro League, a live sports event where professional gamers compete to be the best at one single video game: Starcraft. It’s a title many young South Koreans dream of. The game itself is more than a decade old, almost ancient in the fast developing world of video games, but in South Korea it has become a national past-time. Like most spectator sports, this world of eSports rapidly evolved in a multi-million dollar business.

In this story, we follow 3 boys in different stages of their career as a Pro-Gamer in South Korea. For some it will be a struggle to stay on top of their game, for others it might be the turning point of their lives

“Man only plays when in the full meaning of the word he is a man,
and he is only completely a man when he plays.”
— Friedrich Schiller

Director: Stephen Dhoedt
85 mins / Belgium & South Korea // 2013
Cast: Lee Jae Dong. Park Yo Han,
Kim Joon Hyuk

Screening: Thursday 19th March – 12:00 – 1:30Pm
Location: FilmBase, Curved St., Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Price: 7€

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