Irish Premiere


Keung Chau was raised below the Lion Rock and spent her secondary school and university days in Kowloon Tong. Extremely fond of eating stinky tofu since her childhood, a local roadside snack, she set up a fans club in search of the best one.

As time goes by, street food stalls are no longer able to survive and it’s impossible to find stinky tofu in modern shopping malls. At a reunion with friends from her university, Chau and her schoolmates are delighted to see the appearance of a special guest who has been invited by Chau’s father.

Everybody is chasing his or her own dream and core values. For Chau, it is stinky tofu. What is yours?


Director: Vincent HO

12 mins / Hong Kong // 2016

Cast: David Chiang, Rose Chan, Michael Chan, Alice Fung

Date: Saturday, March 11th

Time: 9am – 12.30pm

Location: Thomas Davis Theatre, Trinity College Dublin

Free Entry

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