Wuzuh, a girl wIth Down’s syndrome, has a secret crush on her class teacher. However, one day, she finds out that one of her classmates has received from the teacher the same hairclip as hers, which she had thought that he has given only to her as a thoughtful present. Feeling betrayed, Wuzuh brings a chicken she has been raising to give her teacher to school and starts to make a fuss with it in the classroom.

Director:  Sungbin Byun
12 mins / Republic of Korea // 2015
Cast: Sohyun Song, Jaehoon Sin

Date: Sunday, 13th March
Time: 12:00 – 2:30Pm
Location: The New Theatre, Temple Bar, Dublin
Price: €8

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This film is part of a selection of films running from 12-2.30pm

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