Irish Premiere

They are just children but already they are little monks. Every day, four boys pray and meditate before a large statue of a golden Buddha in a remote monastery in Myanmar. Sometimes they fool around and play in the beautiful countryside. An old monk takes care of them and teaches them. One day, the old man has to leave and the four boys are left to fend for themselves. Strange things begin to happen. The man who brings their food every day stops coming, gunfire can be heard, and all kinds of ghostly sounds and voices mix with the birdsong. Are they imagining things or is this real?

Director: Brian Perkins
103 mins / USA & Myanmar // 2015
Cast: Shine Htet Zaw, Ko Yin Saw Ri
Ko Yin Than Maung, Ko Yin Maung Sein,
Sayadaw U Zaw Ti Ka

Date: Friday, March 11th
Time: 21:00
Location: Omniplex – Rathmines, Dublin.
Price: 10.10

Tickets can be bought through Omniplex website or at the venue

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