Irish Premiere

Whether a veil of the soul, the mind or the body, the layers of the veil in history and the many meanings behind it will be revealed. Women are either judged for wearing the hijab or for not wearing it. The hijab refers to the head covering. In “The Tainted Veil”, diverse guests debate and extraordinary stories expose the challenges surrounding these ideas.

Director: Ovidio Salazar, Mazen Al Khayrat & Nahla Al Fahad
78 mins / Documentary / UAE // 2015

Date: Sunday, March 13th
Time: 18:30
Location: Omniplex – Rathmines, Dublin.
Price: 10.10

* Followed by panel discuss***
Panel discussion: 7.50pm-8.30pm
Panelists: Rachel Lysaght award winning producer (One Million Dubliners, The Pipe, dreams of a Life, Patricks Day), Aoife Kelleher (One Million Dubliners, Nice Stone Lighter), award winning documentary director, Ovidio Salazar -Director of “The Tainted Veil” documentary.

Tickets can be bought through Omniplex website or at the venue

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