Wallas On Velos 

Irish Premiere

Wallas on Velos’ is a short film, a portrait of 4 men in the city of Mumbai, India, who make their living on bicycles; Sabir who sharpens knives (churi walla), Abdul, a milkman (doodh walla), Namdeo, a lunch box deliveryman (dabba walla) and Imran who sells cold drinks (cold drink walla). As we ride with them through their day, we see how it is different, though not impossible, to ride in a teeming, traffic crazy city like Mumbai. We get a glimpse into their lives, where they’ve come from and where they’re going and in doing so we discover the trials and tribulations, yet the delicate hope of opportunity that this city, above any other in the country, offers to so many millions.

Director: Alton Vladares

23 mins/ India // 2014

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