Zar of the Soil (ZÂR-E KHÂK)
Special Presentation

Reza Tofighjou presents the story of making the world´s largest soil carpet in Hormoz Island, from excavation to its completion; through which he portrays the romantic relationship between human and soil. The director says, “In fact, the carpet is only a simple reason to explore this relationship” He also explains that Zar is a kind of religious custom in Southern Iran, apparently originating in Africa and is still followed in some parts of Africa in different ways. The relationship between human and soil is a mysterious one and it can bring human silence and fascination.

Director: Reza Tofighjoo
52 mins / Documentary / Iran // 2015

Screening: Sunday 22nd 4:15pm

Location: FilmBase, Curved St., Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Price: 7€

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