Silk Road Film Festival (SRFF) will be held annually during the month of March.

Silk Road Film Festival (SRFF) welcomes films from countries, which were part of the historical network of ancient trade routes across the Afro-Eurasian landmass that connected East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean and European world, as well as parts of North and East Africa.

Silk Road Film Festival (SRFF) will have film screenings, online video platform, premieres, exhibitions, panels, chats with industry guests, free courses and workshops.

The Countries


Unless a Special Waiver is granted by SRFF

  1. Films must have been produced during the production years 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016
  2. The festival presents current film productions from the countries listed.

The 2016 edition of SRFF will present The Silk Road Film Festival Awards in following categories:

  • D- SHORT
B – STUDENT FILMS: Ireland & International
  • Special Jury award
  • Best director
  • Best actor
  • Best actress
  • Best cinematographer
  • Honorary award
  • a) Documentary: Films must be a work of nonfiction.
  • b) Feature: Films must be a work of fiction that equals or exceeds 60 minutes in length.
  • c) Animation: Animation must be any frame-by-frame animated video or film made for the cinema, television, video, internet and the mobile phone may be entered.
  • d) Short Films: Short Films must be a work of fiction, documentary or animation that does not exceed 40 minutes in length;
  • e) Student Films: Films, animations, documentaries made by Students attending Universities/Film Schools in Ireland and Internationally.
  • f) Film Festivals Cinergy: Short student films, animations, documentaries made by Students Universities/Film Schools in Ireland. Winners automatically have an opportunity to travel to Notre Dame University International Film Festival (NDUIFF) to participate at the NDUIFF in November. *Universities/Film Schools must contact the festival prior to participation in this category.

*Exceptions require an authorization of the festival.


Selection Committee: SRFF will solely appoint selection committees to review all submissions. The committees will decide on the official selections. SRFF Awards Jury: SRFF will solely appoint a Jury from the community to decide on category winners for the SRFF “online” and “offline” Awards.

  • BEST STUDENT FILM ‘FILM FESTIVALS CINERGY’ *Two winners automatically have an opportunity to travel to Notre Dame University International Film Festival (NDUIFF) to participate at the NDUIFF in November. Flights and accommodation covered.

To submit your film to the Silk Road Film Festival, you will have to complete the online submissions form at, pay the applicable submissions fee and send us two copies of your film on DVD.
You may also submit through FilmFreeway as an alternative option for submission.
Your film may be chosen for either an online or offline screening during the festival.
Please review the Rules and Regulations carefully prior to completing the online entry form.

Please note that our online submissions form is available ONLY on our website at or through Film Freeway

Submission fee has been set for Silk Road Film Festival 2016

In order for your film to be considered you have to pay a registration fee of
20€ – Feature Film
20€ – Documentary

20€ – Animation
15€ – Short Film
10€ – Student Film
Please enter in your full name and name of your film when making a payment.

Deadlines: Entries must be submitted online before December 1st, 2015 by completing the online Submission Form in English.  Submissions and/or material must be postmarked on/or before December 1st, 2015. Pre-selection Online Submission: Works submitted for pre-selection must be in one of the following formats: Full HD H.264/MPEG-4 by FTP, Dropbox or WeTransfer or DVD Entry forms & materials must be received before or on December 1st, 2015.

Late Deadline: A later deadline has been set and submissions stay open until December 8th 2015.
Fees will rise up:
30€ – Feature Film
30€ – Documentary

30€ – Animation
20€ – Short Film
15€ – Student Film.

Submitted Material: The submitted material consists of 2 copies of the DVD of the film or screening private link and any other additional material submitted by the submitter. The submitted DVD(s) must be .vob and can be of any region. If the original version of the film is not in English, the submitted DVD(s) or link must be subtitled in English. The submitter must label the cover of the DVD(s), with the following details:

  1. Title of the film;
  2. Online Submission receipt ID#;
  3. The full name of the Director(s);
  4. The duration of the film;
  5. The original language(s) of the film;
  6. Date of completion of production.

Submission Shipping: All shipping costs of the submitted material must be borne by the submitter/sender (Please note that it is recommended to use a courier for shipping submissions as regular post does not guarantee any expected arrival date). For the avoidance of doubt, the Submitted Material will not be returned to the submitter/sender. All submissions should be sent directly to the hereunder address with “For cultural use only” and “Without commercial value” clearly marked on the envelope.

SRFF Address:

Silk Road Film Festival
Attention: Submissions Manager

Treascon, Portarlington, Offaly, Ireland  

Note on envelope:
  1. [film name]  [online submission ID #];
  2. “For cultural use only” and “Without commercial value”.

Submission of Works in Progress: 
It is possible to submit a working copy of a film. When filling out the SRFF Submission Form as well as when labeling the DVDs copies, the submitter must make sure that it clearly identifies the submission as a ‘work-in-progress’. However, the final title of the film should be listed and not the working title. For the avoidance of doubt, all other terms related to submissions shall be herein applicable (i.e. submission of the work in progress DVD shall take place on or before December 31, 2015). If selected, SRFF must receive a DVD of the final version of the film by no later than December 1st, 2015.

Storage of Submissions: 
SRFF retains the right to keep all submissions as well as associated materials for its internal use.  SRFF reserves the right to transfer submissions to a master hard drive digital library, building a digital reference archive (“SRFF Permanent Digital Library”). SRFF will not theatrically or publicly screen for commercial purposes any films without the express written consent of the appropriate rights holder(s).
SROFF will screen ‘online’ a film for a small festival membership charge which will allow access to online screenings during the festival period.

Please see Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


The Selection Committee will at its own discretion select the SRFF categories selections. If a film is selected for the SRFF Awards, SRFF will send an official selection letter by e-mail in January 2016  and will advise of further requirements and next steps. It is imperative to understand that SRFF hereby reserves the first right to announce the list of films included in its Final Lineup. The submitter shall in no case, prior to the announcement by SRFF of its Final Lineup, publicly confirm that the submitter’s film is part of SRFF.

The final SRFF programme selection will be announced by the end of January 2016. If a film has not been selected, SRFF will inform by e-mail within one week of the announcement of the final SRFF Programme selection. For the avoidance of doubt, SRFF is not obliged in any way whatsoever for providing any justification and/ or comments regarding the reasons for non-selection of a film.

Final Screening Material:

The final screening copy of the film can only be submitted in one of the following formats: (a) 35mm print; (b) HDCAM tape; (c) Digital Betacam PAL tape; (d) Betacam SP PAL tape; (e) Pro Res Digital File:  (f)H 264 Digital File or (g) DCP* (h) BLU RAY Disk  or protected link.

  • The submitter must label the cover of the screening copy, with the following details:
  1. Title of the film;
  2. The full name of the Director(s);
  3. The duration of the film;
  4. The original language(s) of the film + subtitles (if applicable);
  5. Aspect ratio;
  6. Tape speed for HDCam only.
  • If the original language(s) of the film is not in English, the final screening copy must be subtitled in English.
  • It is SRFF’s general policy to screen all non-English language films in their original language version with English subtitles. Exceptions to this general rule will be made on a case by case basis.
  • Selected films should be submitted with an Electronic Press Kit (“EPK”) of the film including but not limited to a high resolution copy of the trailer used for promotional purposes. For the avoidance of doubt, SRFF shall be entitled without prior notice to use the trailer online and on broadcast TV for periods of time to be solely decided by SRFF.

SRFF must receive the SCREENING COPY of the film on or before February 5th, 2016. The screening copy of the film must be received in good condition and SRFF reserves the right to refuse screening copies if found to be not in good condition and request the submitter to re-submit a new copy. In the event that the submitter fails to submit a screening copy suitable for screening and in good condition, SRFF reserves the right to cancel the selection of the film without any liability whatsoever.

Additional Terms: 
For the avoidance of doubt, once a film is selected, the submitter will not be able to withdraw nor change the Premiere status of the film at any given time before it is screened at SRFF unless accepted by SRFF in writing. In the event that the submitter is found to be in violation of any condition of the Rules and Regulations, SRFF at its sole discretion may chose to cancel and eliminate such film from the selection or the Final Lineup and SRFF Programme.

SRFF Online:

For all videos at SRFF Online, a notice and take down procedure is in place: in case a rights holder is confronted with proceedings to render the video material that has been delivered to SRFF Online unavailable to the audience, SRFF Online will remove the material as soon as possible from it’s platform after receiving an e-mail/written request to SRFF’s Online Director of Programming. In such cases a notice & take-down procedure applies: the request to take down a film should be communicated to SRFF Online 4 weeks in-advance of SRFF Online dates so the organizers can remove the film from it’s festival programme.

Print Shipping: 

The participants have to cover the costs for transport, insurance and customs.  SRFF undertakes to return the screening copy within 3 weeks of the end of SRFF. Print Insurance: Prints of all films selected for the SRFF Programme will be insured throughout the period in which they are in the festival’s custody and until it is shipped back to the submitter. In the case of loss or damage during SRFF, SRFF will be responsible only for the replacement value of the print, if the said print was originally received by the festival in good condition.

Screenings & Scheduling: 

Selected Films will be screened maximum twice to “online” or “offline” audiences. At the discretion of SRFF, the film may be screened prior to the festival an additional time for accredited press and industry members. SRFF will at its sole discretion decide on the dates and order of the screening(s) of each film.


SRFF will make a digitized copy of the final subtitled DVD screener of the film for media screening purposes. For the avoidance of doubt, said digitized copy will only be viewed by media accredited delegates during the period of the festival and on a closed internal circuit. The digitization process is secure and no copy or duplication of the Film can be made by third parties.


Submission and participation in SRFF Programme implies acceptance of the Rules and Regulations. The submitter hereby represents and warrants that he/she holds all rights in and to the film and its related materials and that he/she has the authority and capacity to submit the film and its related material for the SRFF Programme. Except as stated in the Rules and Regulations, the submitter acknowledges that SRFF shall not be held liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever for any loss or damage of whatever type or nature incurred as a result of the submission, acceptance and/or screening of the film and/or its related material.

Furthermore, the submitter undertakes to indemnify and keep SRFF indemnified against all liabilities, claims, demands, actions, costs, damages or loss arising out of the submission, acceptance and/or screening of the film “Online” or “Offline” and/or its related material. The submitter also understands and acknowledges that the SRFF Submission Form and the present Rules and Regulations form a consolidated and unified document and that therefore the SRFF Submission Form shall be considered as incorporated herein by reference.


No editorial cuts or changes to any film will be made at any time by SRFF for any reason or under any circumstances.

Anti-Piracy Precautions: 

SRFF undertakes to take all possible anti-piracy precautions. All prints and associated copyrighted materials will be securely stored while on SRFF premises. Access is limited to SRFF’s nominated staff only and all movement of prints will be strictly monitored. No duplication or loaning is permitted and no prints will ever leave the custody and care of SRFF or its authorized agents during SRFF.

Festival Management’s Discretion: 

SRFF will decide in its discretion on all issues and matters not foreseen by these Rules and Regulations. SRFF further retains the right to permit exceptions to the application of these Rules Regulations at any time in its discretion.

Promotional Material: 

All SRFF selected films including SRFF Awards winners undertake to include, in a clear and visible manner, on the Home Video release of their film (i.e. DVD. Blu Ray, online availability…) and on any and all promotional material (including but not limited to posters, banners, EPK’s, websites…) a specific logo to be provided by SRFF.

Rights Holder:
If you have any reason to believe you hold any rights regarding a videos, please contact us with support of your claim.

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