Thank you to everyone who attended our Closing Night Awards Show last night and thank you to everyone who made Silk Road Film Festival 2017 such a fantastic tim...


A slum in a Romani neighbourhood. Ten-year-old Valentina invites us to meet her family. What follows are bizarre anecdotes, daydreams and documentary observations – a film as lively as its roaming heroine.

Ichiro and the Wave

Ichiro was fishing near the coast of Banda Aceh, Indonesia, when the 2004 tsunami struck his boat. Stranded on an island during the devastation he wondered if he would ever see his family again.


Overruled is a medium-length documentary that recounts the lives and hopes of young Afghan refugees in Iran. They happen to work as ball boys in tennis clubs in Tehran.


Fragments that build up a portrait. Franck is a former inmate from Marseille. He'll try to take back his image with me, with cinema. He'll resist, too, to my ef...


In Karantina, a Syrian man lives in a van. His two kids study all day and work all night. People felt pity on this family's circumstances. Yet, suddenly things ...